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Basic and Concept

"nft review" is a worldwide NFT review platform service.
The purpose is to achieve transparent NFT trades. NFT owners or fans can support NFT artists by writing high score reviews. In an opposite situation, we could report scam NFTs with low score reviews. NFT artists also can know the reputation of the created NFTs.

You can check NFT's reputation by searching keyword, like the NFT's title or name. If you find the NFT in "nft review", you can see the reputation. If you want to write a review, of course you can write a review. It's necessary to signin with Metamask to write a review.

Signin with Metamask

To signin in "nft review", first of all you need to install Metamask.

In case of PC, we recommend that you use Google Chome browser and install Metamask Extension. In case of Mobile, we recommend that you install Metamask Mobile App and use a browser mode in the app.

Once you unlock the Metamask, you can click or tap "Connect to Metamask" button in "nft review". After that, a popup shows up and asks you to "sign". Just one click or tap "sign" button, you can signin in "nft review".

In "nft review", we never ask you to "sign" to send money. Signin process asks you to "sign" because we need to check if the user owns the ethereum address. "sign" is needed only to prove the ownership, no worry.

NFT Registration

If you can not find the NFT by searching keyword, you can put NFT Page URL with contract address and tokenId directly, the URL is like this "https://nft-review.io/assets/ethereum/{address}/{tokenId}"

If the NFT is not found with the above URL, you can request to register NFT in "nft review". Click or tap "NFT Registration" in navigation links and put an URL which specifies the NFT. "nft review" can accept OpenSea, Etherscan, Polygonscan or just contract address. To submit a request, you need to signin with Metamask.

After submitting the query, your request status would be "Applying", "nft review" is handling requests periodically.
After "nft review" have processed the request, the status would be "Accepted" or "Error". If it's been accepted successfully the link to NFT page would appears in request list.

Even though the request has been accepted, the process to fetch information (especially image) is still going. It takes minutes to show up the image properly, be patient.


Thank you for being interested in involving of development in "nft review".
If you found something to improve, feel free to contact to us. Please click or tap "Issues" button in navigation.
If you submit a request, your request is managed as an issue and you can directly contact to developers in "nft review".


NFTs on blockchains is open to access. "nft review" is monitoring NFT transactions of registered smart contracts. If we meet unknown NFTs with transactions, we are adding the NFTs in "nft review".

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